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natural treatment for the flu to patients with heart disease

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natural treatment for the flu to patients with heart disease

what we're going to do well we're going tomake a flu shot that has so many crazy ingredients in it, it's practicallygoing to blow your head off. we're going to put in some garlic, some ginger,some chili, some lemons, limes, oranges, cayenne pepper, and some applecider vinegar and we're going to blend it all together. it's seriouslygoing to kick this cold in the head and you'll feel amazing after it. so we're going to start off with two clovesof garlic. you can eat these on their own if you like. but we're just goingto throw them in. word of caution, you're not going to like the tasteof this and definitely don't

talk to anyone for the next 12 hours afterdrinking this. it is definitely going to, you know. your breath is going tostink. so with the lemons there are four times the amount of vitamin c inthe lemon skin than on the inside of the lemon. so we're going to leave thewhole, everything in. same thing with the limes. all right, whole lime. chuckit in there. lemon, i mean, sorry. orange. and i'm going to leave thewhite pith on as much as possible. this white pith is really good forus. really high in vitamin c and calcium, all the flavanoids. it's thatwhite pith that's like really, really good. it's like 100% fiber as well,that pith. so chop it up, put it

in. now i don't know how hot these chilis arebut for the hell of it i'm just going to throw the entire thing, okay? soeven the stem, everything is going to go in. it's going to blow my headoff, that's for sure. ginger. big bit of ginger as well. okay, throw itin. now some cayenne pepper. this cayenne pepper is really going to obviouslygive it a big, big kick on top of everything else. but i'm not going to putthat much in. i'm probably going to put in about 1/4 teaspoon. 1/4 cider vinegar. about a teaspoon, tablespoon worth. and somewater. about two cups, about a

cup and a half. now also a cup of ice wouldbe good as well but i've got no ice left so i'm going to turn it on, blendit all together. all right. i don't know if i'm ready for this.but look, if you have a cold or a flu or whatever this is seriously goingto knock it out of the park. i'm not going to have a whole glass of thatjust yet. but yeah, you guys. awesome. look, at the end of the day you canreally only taste the big bits that jump out is the garlic and a little bit,the cayenne pepper, and obviously the chili as well. but they allkind of stand out. but it's the orange and citrus that really balance it outas well. so it's actually not

too bad. that will definitely kick the coldout of your head. we're going to make a green smoothie again.but we're going to call it a berry green smoothie because it's going tohave a lot of berries in it. so it's not going to be the typical green smoothielook but it's still going to have a lot of nutrition in there, and it...[ends]

natural treatment for the flu to patients with heart disease
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