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natural treatment for heart disease illness with herbs

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natural treatment for heart disease illness with herbs

hello, dr. vikram! you have a patient, mr. kamaldeep. mr. kamaldeep, please tell us a little about yourself. my name is kamaldeep. i’m from rampur, up. i’m suffering from ulcerative colitis from the past 1.5 years. i went to an allopathic doctor and he assured me that i’ll be completely cured after taking their medicines. as i began the treatment, i started improving gradually but whenever i reduced the dose i would face problems. what sort of problems? i would start bleeding and would pass stools many times a day.

then i thought of taking ayurvedic medicines and i took treatment from a few ayurvedic doctors but didn’t get the expected results. one day i came across dr. vikram’s video on you tube and i felt that i should go and see him once. it’s been two months since i’ve started taking medicines and i’m 90% cured. dr. vikram can you please tell us about the kind of treatment you’ve given him? ulcerative colitis has a possibility of being 100% cured in ayurveda. in ayurveda, when sangrahani, raktatisar, pittatisar occur together then the disease which arises can be compared to ulcerative colitis. irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, crohn’s disease are of the same type. it causes inflammation in the intestines, bleeding, and no matter what you eat you have the urgency to pass stool 15- 30 times and in some people even more than that which causes weakness.

in ayurveda, we have such herbs which are holarrhena antidysentrica [kutaja], its bark is used, bael, marigold flower juice, rose flower juice, pomegranate peel decoction, pomegranate juice 50 ml. yogurt is beneficial, and buttermilk doesn’t suit a lot of people so i don’t recommend it. i recommend yogurt, bananas and khichdi is the main diet. 50 – 60% of the condition is improved by correcting the diet. milk and milk products like milk, cheese, buttermilk, and butter should be totally avoided. dr. vikram as you just mentioned marigold flower, pomegranate peel, are any medicines made from these available? we’ve prepared a lot of medicines made from these herbs under the brand planet ayurveda. earlier we didn’t have any medicines like that but gradually we have developed them.

i’m working on it since 10 years and it has amazing results. i’ve formed a data also. first, i’ll show his prescription. we’ve a medicine called pitta balance in planet ayurveda, praval panchamrit, vasaka, arjuna, kutajghan vati. he was taking mesacol, azoran earlier but not now. like that his allopathic medicines have been stopped and very soon he’ll get off his ayurvedic medications also. and it’s been 2 months and he has 90% relief. i would like to show the diet to the viewers which needs to be avoided. the ones under the cross shouldn’t be taken and the other one should be consumed. coconut water should be consumed as it is a pitta disorder, aggravated pitta causes bleeding.

mr. kamaldeep, are you following the diet chart properly? yes, absolutely. diet is the main thing in this disease. i want to give a message that i’ve tried various medicines but i had no relief. as soon as i decreased the dosage of mesacol i would start bleeding profusely. but when i came here i decreased it’s dosage to half in the first month. i’m quite relieved from bleeding. i would like to say that come to ayurveda and if possible come and see dr. vikram because. he has the perfect treatment for it because there are many ayurvedic clinics like jiva ayurveda and others which i have tried but got no results. i would like to tell the viewers, if you can’t come as it gets very difficult to come from a long distance at least follow the diet i’ve recommended.

pomegranate peel tea, banana, yogurt, sheesham leaves extract, pomegranate juice, arjuna, vasaka, licorice is also very good. we have a website and you can also buy products from there. can patients consult you online also? yes, they can send me there problems through email and we provide treatment through mails also. i’ve made a data also and i’ve been maintaining it from the past 6 months. this is the first patient. today is december 20th, after 2 months 90% relief, he’s from rampur up. this is from december 19th, i’ve started his treatment yesterday. the next one is 100% ok, then now ok.

every patient is saying that he’s better than before. every patient is getting better in 2, 3, 4 months according to his body type. dr. vikram, i would urge you to give a message on how to prevent this disease from occurring as it is a lifestyle related disorder. ulcerative colitis is mainly related to packaged food, milk and milk products, canned juices. yogurt is useful in it as it has a huge amount of lactobacillus in natural form which is good for stomach. packaged foods should be avoided. it is an autoimmune disease which means our own army of cells start attacking our colon. it has immuno modulator herbs not immunosuppressant like allopath. these herbs modifies the immunity and tones it up to gradually stop attacking the body so aggressively

and the antibodies comes back to their normal action slowly, though, antibodies have not been detected in ulcerative colitis as yet. according to this theory of ulcerative colitis being autoimmune disease also, ayurveda has better results for it. i request all doctors to try ayurvedic medicines and herbs for this disease and research on their own also. yes, this a topic of research as a lot of patients are not getting any relief. they can help a huge number of patients like we are being able to do it. allopathic doctors say that ayurveda and homeopathy have no cure for this disorder. but they should change this mindset in patients. a lot of doctors and patients think that ayurvedic doctors give steroids and heavy metal which harms the body. but this is absolutely untrue, we do not give any substance which harms the body.

in allopathic, a heavy amount of steroids and immunosuppressant are given for ulcerative colitis which is very harmful for the body. earlier when i took allopathic medicines i had lost my appetite and lost a lot of weight but after moving to ayurveda my appetite has enhanced and weight is also better now. if you go close to nature, you’ll definitely be cured. nature is itself a cure. this is his clear cut prescription and it has no steroids. rather the patients who come to me are already taking steroids and i stop them gradually and they get cured. now, you’re 90% better and in a month or two, it’ll be 100% cured. dr vikram and mr. kamaldeep, thank you very much.

natural treatment for heart disease illness with herbs
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